Joseph Narusiewicz Poems

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I'll Never Forget You

Opaque heart lit with tenderness
She shines like a child’s smile
Those old songs bring a tear
I really hope your life is happy

This Land Is Your Land

Baby soon the summer will come
Were going to race down to the sea
Let love drown us in a kiss that never quits
No beggar hands

I Want To Kiss You

Your benign apathy is too heavy
You pretend you have all you need
Come down a notch babes
Come down and I will hold you

Another Chance

Creative joy sires golden children
Golden moments
You are the apex of women
Horses in the wild wind gallop

My Brother Loved Hendrix

Can I reach for you like a palm tree?
Moonlight on this sea of dreams
He had a letter in his fatigues
Dead at twenty two

Papaya Dreams

Her flowered scarf is old
She is the fishing village
Open market by the banyan tree
Recluse on an island of peace

London Fog

In the London fog she walks like light
Light as soft as the lofty stars
Dreams are haunted Liverpool ships
Herdwick sheep bleating by Lake Windermere

Usa Government Shut Down 2013

President Obama knows Obama Care should be tweaked and perfected and he has invited both parties to allow this process to go on. He wants it to be the best healthcare program it can be. The stubborn tea party has rejected this on going process and now have become a virus in the republican party as a whole. Healthcare for all is a wonderful idea and ideal...

Every Program

I never held a crueler night
You were deceit in moonlight
Silk with venom
How I thought life was a free sea

Lush Peaches

I sleep in the Louvre like Chagall
My colors run with metallic blue
Soft purple lives in the mind of Monet
Cryptic acrylics dried in movements

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