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I am a documentary filmmaker musician who writes and records most of the music for my films. Poetry is essential to me.....

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sean brown 11 April 2018

you're a moron this is the dumbest thing ever

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Sean Brown 14 January 2019

Sean Brown, off there is nothing wrong with it

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 August 2021

And......I will read his poems here, all my saddest condolences to his beloved family. God's Blessings be greatest!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 August 2021

But to a great poet of Poem Hunter Com, I still say Congratulations being chosen as the Poet of The Day! This I refer to his Belooved family. God's Blessings be greatest for you all

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 August 2021

So very sad to know through DARWIN HENRY BEUNING's comment here below that This Poet Of The Day died on 11 Feb 2019

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 August 2021


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Darwin Henry Beuning 25 September 2019

I just became aware of this poet today. I wish we could have met, as I spent lots of time in Minnesota. Joseph M. Narusiewicz, age 68, of South Saint Paul, Minnesota, passed away 11 February 2019. His poetry will remain for ALL time.

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The Best Poem Of Joseph Narusiewicz

I'll Never Forget You

Opaque heart lit with tenderness
She shines like a child’s smile
Those old songs bring a tear
I really hope your life is happy
When the bitterness goes we can see
We had some real love one for another
Didn’t we?

Oh! How I pretended and rationalized
How I tried too make it all contained
Processed and intellectual
Now I know it was love
Pure and simple love and passion
Defining things can minimize

Nothing has ever replaced the fire of your kiss
They say we only get one love of our life
Your eyes so filled with moonlight
So passionate
Our bed was on fire
Now I am old with memories
You are still there
You always loved purple
We had a purple lilac bush, remember?

Remember when we got our first antique lamp?
Candles in the dining room
Serving thanksgiving for my mother
So proud that our home was nice
You never did meet my father
I know you would have loved him

In some ways I hope I go first
I am happy you’re out there in this madhouse
If I ‘d quit drinking maybe we would be together
I regret that but alcohol is now long gone
I hope you always have a place in your heart for me
You did have a temper and could be tuff as nails
I know living with me could be hard sometimes
I think deep beneath all the pain we are friends

You’re married again and I wish you the best
Resolution can take a lifetime
Silent regret can be haunting
I think it’s easier to bring it out in the open
It's strange but I have a feeling we are still in touch

Love is a biography
Ours has ended but hasn't
Maybe past all the smoke and fire we are friends
I’ll never forget you, I already tried that

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Joseph Narusiewicz Popularity

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