Usa Government Shut Down 2013 Poem by Joseph Narusiewicz

Usa Government Shut Down 2013

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President Obama knows Obama Care should be tweaked and perfected and he has invited both parties to allow this process to go on. He wants it to be the best healthcare program it can be. The stubborn tea party has rejected this on going process and now have become a virus in the republican party as a whole. Healthcare for all is a wonderful idea and ideal...Let's make it better and better not get rid of it! Let's be reasonable because healthcare is a universal that both and all parties should rejoice over especially Christians.
Personally I like it called 'The Affordable Care Act' rather than Obama Care. Why? Because this healthcare issue is beyond any individual. People dying with cancer having healthcare, preconditions not dropped, the poor and needy, the laid off and so many mentally ill people etc getting help. This is compassion and social justice. We need this in our rich country. This is beyond money, party and politics and ideology; this is human decency....

Sandra Feldman 19 June 2014

Wake up, this country is not rich anymore! ! ! ! And all these thieving, lying politicians are going to make it just as lousy as the rest of the world. What we are going to get is Bad Medicine for ALL. I know, I've lived in Europe for a long time. The whole medical scenario has to be changed here.Starting with the ridiculously high cost of College and student debt. The Colleges are the first to blame for the high cost of medicine. The medical reform that we have now was not done the right way.. If it works like their Website did, we are all cooked ducks, If you want your doctor, you can keep your doctor If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan Remember that? ? ? Not true was it? . I agree that no one should be denied health care, but do it RIGHT.

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Brian Jani 19 June 2014

I don't know much about U.S politics but you painted an HD picture with this poem

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Lorraine Colon 01 October 2013

Wise words from your pen. I totally agree. Who could possibly object to people having health insurance? I know who is objecting, but I ask this in a state of disbelief. Am I still in America - richest, most powerful country in the world? Or have I somehow been transported to a place where the poor are worth less than the ground I step on? I am actually ashamed to be living through these times. But what really makes my blood boil is how these lawmakers continually refer to themselves as Christians. What hypocrisy! Thanks for a great writing.

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Joseph Narusiewicz

Joseph Narusiewicz

So St Paul, Minnesota
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