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Sensation Of Light (Linking Pin Sonnet)

Sensation of Light (Linking Pin Sonnet)

Like a Venus flytrap you swayed in the night
Night raising the mind's trace of soft flowing light

If Only She Could Stay (Linking Pin Sonnet)

If Only She Could Stay (Linking Pin Sonnet)

She came into my life with a sweet smile
Smile touching my core of existence

Prayer Against Coronavirus And For God's Help!

Greetings my dearly beloved brothers and sisters. Recently, I was asked by my dear sister Roula Pollard, from Athens, Greece, to write a short prayer for those suffering from coronavirus, their healing, and elimination of the virus. As you know, I am not a person who is short on words. I will use the "TRIP" acronym in this prayer, we discussed it on September 15th and 22nd 2019, in my Sunday messages. As a reminder: "T" is for "Thanksgiving" unto God. "R" is for "Repentance" of all sins. "I" is for "Intercession" for others and "P" is for "Praise" unto God. The prayer she requests follows:

Dear merciful and heavenly God, You said, "Let there be light" and it came to pass immediately. You said "Let us create man in our own image, " and it was done! You took a rib from man, and created woman as man's partner to live in peace, and blessed them to replenished the earth, and it was done! Today we are in Your presence, as humble as we know how. Our petitions we raised to You, giving You thanks foremost, as our Creator, Redeemer, Advocate, and Propitiator of all our sins. We come in repentance for anything we may have done, known or unknown, seen or unseen, asking for Your mercy of forgiveness. Now Lord, we stand in the gap with intercessory prayer, as Your royal priesthood, for those impacted and suffering from coronavirus. Touch them Lord, with Your supreme healing power of mercy, from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet. We are pleading unto You, to remove any, and all traces of stain, illness, or damage caused by coronavirus to the holy temple You created them with, as their earthly bodies.

Our Paradise Advise—my Sweetest Love (Linking Pin Sonnet)

My sweetest love hearest thou reverently my advice
My advice is to leave now for our home—in paradise.
Paradise blooming with rainbows and tasty red cherries
Cherries, delicious mangoes, and bright sweet berries.

Freedom And Liberty: The Price We Pay!

The price we pay for our freedom is not contained in a man's wallet,
Nor is liberty a currency found in a female fancy Gucci pocketbook.

Leading The Way With Your Amazing Grace!

Trilogy Poetry: Intertwining of the Mind, Body, and Soul!

Poetry Form Description: "Trilogy Poetry" proliferates the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and soul ("Three Entities") ! Its essential thesis symbolizes integration, cooperation, and inspiration. The poem is longer than "Lines of Antiquity of Microbes" by Arum Saroyan. It's not less than two regular stanzas forming an octave in poetic notations. It's not as long as the epic Mahabharata, regarding the Kuru Kingdom. It ends with no more than twenty-four lines like a Pantoum poem or Claudette sonnet. The poem may comprise of any imaginative architecture to arrive at its encapsulating end. No requirement exists to use Shakespearean iambic pentameter, interlocking rhyming schemes, or syllabic accentuations. This is just purely down-to-earth and people-centric poetry form. The thesis relates to three entities of either: a person, place, or thing. The corresponding theme should enunciate unity, balancing of vision, and overcoming. There should be incorporated an inference of hindrance, creating tension; thus, requiring self-exploration, leading to clarity and overcoming victoriously on the ensuing journey.

Buddhist Trilogy Of Peace And Love: Not War Proliferation!

The persona of His Holiness The 14th Dali Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Gendun Chopel
All three delicately rising and uplifting nations with inspirational harmony to tell.
The 14th Dali Lama, an advocate of Buddhism for humanity, displays loving action
Erasing profanity, insanity, inhumanity, brutality, and uplifting compassion.

We Shall Overcome Gloriously With God's Grace!

"… My precious child, I love you and would never leave you. During times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints in the sand, it was when I carried you" (Margaret Fishback Powers) .

"We Shall Overcome" Opposition—Genuinely God's Glorious Gain!

Greetings everyone, and I pray that each of you will overcome this coronavirus pandemic, which has impacted many communities in various ways. The Census Bureau assessment paints an image that's not wonderful regarding job losses. The Small Business Administration stands ready to assist with job loss impact.

One of the most damaging impacts is Landlord-Tenant Relationships. The ban imposed on evictions and home foreclosure across Wisconsin by Governor Evers is now over. You may have the same situation in your state or jurisdiction. Recent actions have resulted in increased evictions by landlords and financial companies against residents. You may have the same actions taking place in your state or jurisdiction.

Your Amazing Grace: Trilogy Poetry Format

Inspiring God: 'Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.'
Inter-connectedness of the most gracious Triune Creator of life.
Good Friday to Easter Sunday requires rolling the stone away
Erase death sting with everlasting resurrection uplifting grace.

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