Our Paradise Advise—my Sweetest Love (Linking Pin Sonnet) Poem by Joseph Spence Sr

Our Paradise Advise—my Sweetest Love (Linking Pin Sonnet)

My sweetest love hearest thou reverently my advice
My advice is to leave now for our home—in paradise.
Paradise blooming with rainbows and tasty red cherries
Cherries, delicious mangoes, and bright sweet berries.

Berries with our cottage in the midst with a skylight
Skylight, gingerbread, and sunset—await us at twilight.
Twilight and misting rain for showers on our lawn
Lawn where we sing sweet songs with birds at dawn.

Dawn where firefly's lights soothing sweet moods
Moods with ravens bringing us nice nourishing food.
Food while sparrows build our soft resting nest
Resting nest, my dear love—my darling, my sweetest.

Sweetest we will wish upon the mellow shining stars,
Stars shining above us—where we shall not be far!

Author's Notes: The "Linking Pin Sonnet" ending lines join with the same beginning word of the next line consecutively to the end of the sonnet. It has fourteen lines as each sonnet does. The "Linking Pin Sonnet" has a rhyming scheme of AABB CCDD EEFF GG. Each quatrain stanza has four line of two rhyming couplets, and the poem ends with a rhyming couplet. The "Linking Pin Sonnet" was created by Dr. Joseph S. Spence, Sr. (Me) , January 15,2017, while studying English literature, creative writing, the African Diaspora, and poetry, at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, after studying twenty different sonnet forms and styles from different poets.

Linking Pin Sonnet Poetry Form: This sonnet was developed by Joseph S. Spence Sr. (me)on January 15,2007. It consists of fourteen lines, each with eight to eleven syllables. The end of each line links with the next. The concept is based on the principles of leadership in accomplishing a task in an organization. Strengthening organizational echelons at each level comes by connecting each element with a linking pin of leadership, thus obtaining maximum productivity in the completion of its goal. One should visualize each linking pin connecting to the next to ensure strength and safety in moving every adjoining part to reach maximum potential in mission accomplishment.

Additionally, the linking pin sonnet resonates as two lovers on the same sheet of music linking together, singing the same song, and moving in the same direction while strengthening each other and overcoming obstacles, strengthening their goals, and bringing success and victory as one. This is like the practice of jumping the broom at African American weddings as a couple.
Joseph Spence Sr

Joseph Spence Sr

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