Prayer Against Coronavirus And For God's Help! Poem by Joseph Spence Sr

Prayer Against Coronavirus And For God's Help!

Greetings my dearly beloved brothers and sisters. Recently, I was asked by my dear sister Roula Pollard, from Athens, Greece, to write a short prayer for those suffering from coronavirus, their healing, and elimination of the virus. As you know, I am not a person who is short on words. I will use the "TRIP" acronym in this prayer, we discussed it on September 15th and 22nd 2019, in my Sunday messages. As a reminder: "T" is for "Thanksgiving" unto God. "R" is for "Repentance" of all sins. "I" is for "Intercession" for others and "P" is for "Praise" unto God. The prayer she requests follows:

Dear merciful and heavenly God, You said, "Let there be light" and it came to pass immediately. You said "Let us create man in our own image, " and it was done! You took a rib from man, and created woman as man's partner to live in peace, and blessed them to replenished the earth, and it was done! Today we are in Your presence, as humble as we know how. Our petitions we raised to You, giving You thanks foremost, as our Creator, Redeemer, Advocate, and Propitiator of all our sins. We come in repentance for anything we may have done, known or unknown, seen or unseen, asking for Your mercy of forgiveness. Now Lord, we stand in the gap with intercessory prayer, as Your royal priesthood, for those impacted and suffering from coronavirus. Touch them Lord, with Your supreme healing power of mercy, from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet. We are pleading unto You, to remove any, and all traces of stain, illness, or damage caused by coronavirus to the holy temple You created them with, as their earthly bodies.

You raised Lazarus from the dead, with your words, "Lazarus Come Out! " It was done! You gave sight to the blind, voice to the dumb, legs to those who were unable to walk, drove out evil spirits from terrorizing the bodies of others, turned water into wine, raised the widow's son from Nain, healed the mother of Peter's wife, and told the raging waves "Be Still." They were all done! Today, we asked for Your miracle working power and words. You know the existing situation and grief based on Your omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotent powers. We plea for words from Your mouth and the touch of Your hands. We are holding onto the hem of Your garment, and Your unchanging hands, and will not let go. Believing in You with great Faith.

Help us dear Lord. Cleansed all souls of coronavirus. Protect worldwide humanity from coronavirus. Erase this disease from their midst. Wipe the slate clean of its appearance. Let its presence never appear again upon Your redeemed. You said "Asked and it shall be given, know and it shall be opened, seek and we shall find." Today, we are knocking on heaven's door, seeking Your blessings and grace, and asking for Your help to save humanity, which you created in Your own image! Lord hear our payer and have mercy on us!

These blessings we are asking in Your name. "Let it be done! " Always and forever, Your humble servant.

Joseph (Epulaeryu Master)

Prayer for worldwide Humanity Against Coronavirus
Joseph Spence Sr

Joseph Spence Sr

Lovely Caribbean Island
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