Joseph Tanner Poems

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How many Weetabix does it take to get your fix?
To see you wake,
Alert for the day ahead.
Sloshed with full fat milk,

Hells Bells

Hells bells are ringing,
With a kiss I'm awake,
For you to utter the words that should not be said,
The awkward silence that follows tells you all.

My Lost Child

I chose my way a long time ago,
That day I lost my child.
I always knew who I was,
Never accepting,

I Thought We Would!

I thought we would grow old together,
Share many stories,
The lines would show upon our faces,
Though we wouldn’t care ‘cause we had each other.

No Cheap Love…thanks!

I sleep alone tonight,
I won’t take cheap love!
Scrawling the night scene,
Logging on for cheap love.

Devils Playground

A killer of a night,
Playing with the devil,
Someone got to lose.
Heavens gate are open and waiting,

It Cost Nothing!

Hold my hand,
‘cause when you get old,
It gets lonely!
There comes a time,

I Choose Not To Hide

Narrow minded fools,
That believe my preference is a choice!
Be a degenerate on society,
I’d rather be!

Inspiration In This Lunacy

Lost for inspiration,
Losing the passion to express,
Like it's going out of fashion.
Drama's dance around me,

Feeling The Way I Do

I’ve been happy,
Now I’m holding onto those days,
Listening to the many songs we shared,
The films we watched, laughed and cried to,

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