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How many Weetabix does it take to get your fix?
To see you wake,
Alert for the day ahead.
Sloshed with full fat milk,

Hells bells are ringing,
With a kiss I'm awake,
For you to utter the words that should not be said,
The awkward silence that follows tells you all.

I chose my way a long time ago,
That day I lost my child.
I always knew who I was,
Never accepting,

I thought we would grow old together,
Share many stories,
The lines would show upon our faces,
Though we wouldn’t care ‘cause we had each other.

I sleep alone tonight,
I won’t take cheap love!
Scrawling the night scene,
Logging on for cheap love.

A killer of a night,
Playing with the devil,
Someone got to lose.
Heavens gate are open and waiting,

Hold my hand,
‘cause when you get old,
It gets lonely!
There comes a time,

Narrow minded fools,
That believe my preference is a choice!
Be a degenerate on society,
I’d rather be!

Lost for inspiration,
Losing the passion to express,
Like it's going out of fashion.
Drama's dance around me,

I’ve been happy,
Now I’m holding onto those days,
Listening to the many songs we shared,
The films we watched, laughed and cried to,

Consumed in his own thoughts,
In his own little Paris.
People on pass by,
The queue going nowhere,

Yesterday kid,
What it was like to be a yesterday kid?
With no cares in the world.
Where playing games consisted of being outside,

Learning the way to write,
I follow the masters of time,
Which we learn from school,
By writing what we know,

Watching from my escape,
Cars hum and purr as they glide by,


Looking into the mirror,
I’ve become so vain,
I like what’s looking back at me.
I take time on my appearance,

I am a dreamer,
Dreamers let their wings get clipped,
Dreamers go nowhere,
But here.

The sea is crashing in,
The wind screaming with the seagulls,
The deadly cry is heard by far.
The red flags are flying,

Six colours fill the sky,
For all to see.
We stand in defiance,
We don’t ask to understand,

Mirror, mirror, on the wall am I the fairest of them all?
This one not for the faint of heart,
This is no bedtime story or Walt Disney fairytale.
Only 7 years bad luck,

Seven days a week,
A day of rest cannot be had.
A day to pay thanks,
A day to enjoy the company of loved ones.

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I use to write stories all the time, but I never could get my message across. I was jotting some words down, i must of been about 19. I know I had written poetry before at school, but this time I had found my niche. I write almost about anything. Favorite qoute ' A poem is never finished, only abandoned' I found that to be true, we all change, even our views on life. I can be found on Facebook search Joseph Richard Tanner)

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How many Weetabix does it take to get your fix?
To see you wake,
Alert for the day ahead.
Sloshed with full fat milk,
Strawberries and cream,
Yoghurt, lets not stop there,
Like them with ice-cream too.
Shaking when you don’t get your fix,
Which we’re unable to fix.
Running low on the Weetabix,
What if you don’t get your fix?
Fresh on idea’s; what to have them with!
See you feel slim,
Now you’ve had your fix!
You know it’s wrong to coat them in sugar,
Yet the devil in you spreads evenly,
The dentist shakes his head in disapproval.
The Weetabix 5 day challenge suggested honey,
I know that’s not for you,
Too sweet so when it comes Sunday sloshed in beer,
To cure that fix that lays upon your head.

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Lare Austin 28 January 2005

Hi Joe...I just read your poem, 'Wake Up'...very powerful...very good. Super. Lare Austin

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