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I use to write stories all the time, but I never could get my message across.
I was jotting some words down, i must of been about 19.
I know I had written poetry before at school, but this time I had found my niche.
I write almost about anything.
Favorite qoute ' A poem is never finished, only abandoned' I found that to be true, we all change, even our views on life.
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Lare Austin 28 January 2005

Hi Joe...I just read your poem, 'Wake Up'...very powerful...very good. Super. Lare Austin

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The Best Poem Of Joseph Tanner


How many Weetabix does it take to get your fix?
To see you wake,
Alert for the day ahead.
Sloshed with full fat milk,
Strawberries and cream,
Yoghurt, lets not stop there,
Like them with ice-cream too.
Shaking when you don’t get your fix,
Which we’re unable to fix.
Running low on the Weetabix,
What if you don’t get your fix?
Fresh on idea’s; what to have them with!
See you feel slim,
Now you’ve had your fix!
You know it’s wrong to coat them in sugar,
Yet the devil in you spreads evenly,
The dentist shakes his head in disapproval.
The Weetabix 5 day challenge suggested honey,
I know that’s not for you,
Too sweet so when it comes Sunday sloshed in beer,
To cure that fix that lays upon your head.

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Joseph Tanner Popularity

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