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A Short Short Poem

A Fun Fill Car Ride Late In The Night

A fun fill ride it was
though it scare the hell out of us
Bumping up and down in the car
Stopping and going so suddenly

Busy, Busy, Busy

Busy, busy, busy Rick
Like a little working bee
Flying from flower to flower
Gathering sweet nectar


Intimacy is unavoidable when two people fall in love
From kissing, hugging to petting
This what people do when they fall in love
So why i there this feeling of UNCERTAINTY

Night Of The Rising Moon

On a night like this with the moon rising,
This is where you will see the witches three.
A big cauldron in the forest ground.
One will stir & one will see,

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Jiger Patel 04 September 2008

Nice poem friend... i love it keep it up Best of Luck

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