Josh Mitteldorf Poems

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Sweet Creation

Sweet creation, source of grace divine
For all that ails us, offer consolation!
Incarnate for our human exaltation,
To salve our tears, a transcendental shrine.

Dream Within A Dream (After Ea Poe)

Accept this promise from my heart!
Your soul from mine shall never part
Exploring, venturing from the chart -
Seeking, chasing Atman's beam

After Rudyard Kipling

With Affection and All Respect for Dear Rudyard

If you can keep your heart when all about you
__Are stretching reason to its reasoned end;

Ten Commandments

Thou art enjoined to enjoyment,
Exhorted to exultation.
Thy responsibility is to be responsive,
and impishness be thy imperative.

Not Expecting

This is the doctrine that condones no doctrine,
the rule that forbids all rules.
Each moment fresh and free of expectations.


How long have I carried this burden of feeling
that something is tragically wrong?
What might I have felt or accomplished
if only my grip on this chain were less strong?


Feeling you, I touch feeling
Touching you, I feel touched
Knowing you, I know knowing
No noetic notions know such.

Myriad Ephemeral Droplets

We come into this world awash with tears,
Mourning our incipient separation—
And soon we age and leave it, mired in fears,
So loathe to part with individuation.

Memento Exultate

Das Gemüt Einer Herzlosen Welt

Bliss is your birthright. God is within.
You have but to unmask your light, and
Your power is vast. Perfection is
In your grasp: You create your world.

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