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Sweet Creation

Sweet creation, source of grace divine
For all that ails us, offer consolation!
Incarnate for our human exaltation,
To salve our tears, a transcendental shrine.

Dream Within A Dream (After Ea Poe)

Accept this promise from my heart!
Your soul from mine shall never part
Exploring, venturing from the chart -
Seeking, chasing Atman's beam

Intersubjective Bootstrap

If all life is a dream, is it your dream or mine?
And why should our two worlds agree?
An answer avails if we're both The Divine,
At our source, I am you and you're me.

After Rudyard Kipling

With Affection and All Respect for Dear Rudyard

If you can keep your heart when all about you
__Are stretching reason to its reasoned end;

Ten Commandments

Thou art enjoined to enjoyment,
Exhorted to exultation.
Thy responsibility is to be responsive,
and impishness be thy imperative.

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Kayoko Kan 17 July 2012

I like the variety of style and spirit in your poems. Tenderness mixed with great mischief and adventure, thanks!

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I started on a career path toward theoretical physics, and was waylaid by the cultural transformation of the 60s and a year in Taiwan, beginning a lifelong love affair with China. After finishing a PhD in physics, I went on to develop software and raise two girls, among the first adopted from China in the 1980s.

Currently I do research in the ...

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