JR Cuyam Poems

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I Choose To Rise

Today I choose to rise
like a strong mountain
Leaving my bed of demise
Never will I again be shaken

We Are Radiant

Attractive, noticeable, and brilliant
Everything we say and do is radiant
We are the earth's splendid torches
glowing like heaven's brightness

All This And More

Joy to my soul, you bring
And you make my heart sing
Oh, most precious gift
Sent to me from my Father

Broken Musician

The night is cold and the sky is empty
Motionless, all around me is dreary
Couldn't make a sound with my piano
Its keys, like my heart, are broken too

My Teacher, My Hero

You’ve taught me many subjects’ matter.
So let me just say thank you Sir.
You motivated me to visualize.
You filled my life with finest goals.

Your Words

Speak, I need to hear your voice
‘Cause I am not okay
I've spent so long pretending that I am
But i'm broken beyond repair

Empty Vessel

Unfilled I reckon, I am empty
I do smile and grin like I'm okay
But when I'm alone, I feel lonely
I do laugh with my friends everyday

Four Minute Song

Our relationship's like a piece of music
We captivate each other with melodies mystic

With our love we create such blissful rhythm

Like A Summer Breeze

This simple rhyme I arranged, let me recite
I made it for you, I wrote it last night
it's kinda crazy and sounds like thrash
But I am hoping it can stir up such a fuss

I Miss My Innocence

I miss my swing, I miss my whip,
I miss my mother's grip,
my dirty hands and my soiled feet
my filthy face, my innocence.

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