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The Wrong Dream

before i speak allow me to get on my knees
i gotta give thanks to G o d
for finally awaking me
from such a bad dream
it was so hard to believe what happend to me
it hurt me so bad
cause i gave so much willingly
and all i ever wanted
was for him to be real with me
Maybe it was just our destiny
though I thought he'd always be there
protecting me
but in the end he could have been
the death of me
and i had to give up
when i saw what was happening
that chapter in life was finally complete
and it was naive of me to believe
that we could ...

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Bye Bye My Love

im done looking
cause i found it
and couldnt keep it
its no secret
it wasnt my to begin
and the person who it belonged to
may have really needed it
so i gave it back
if it was meant to be