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I am a different kind of feminine -
an aberration.
A woman, but not in the conventional sense of the word.
Men see me as an anomaly,

How can I still love you
when I don't love myself?
I did love you, I do love you,
but I needed you


I am alone.
I am no longer with my lover.
We love and love forever
from afar, but

My journey takes me
to the center of my soul
to a place I don't
want to be -


I feel so lost,
so alone,
disconnected from the world.

The hunger within is hard to describe.
It's a void that consumes me
side to side.
It's not just the food that I crave.

Angry at you because you did not really pay attention to me.
Because you did not know how to show your love, because you
Criticized me and chastised me for all the things that I
Did or did not do. You made me feel like I was not

The foliage in the park is stunning. Cherry blossoms are blooming. Their smell radiates across the densely populated garden. Men, young and old are sitting on the dark green benches which have been newly refurbished, reflecting on the meaning of their lives, as they take in the splendid day that they are spending in this often desolate park.

Cherry blossoms bloom
Men sitting on park benches

I need a muse
Something, someone
To inspire me
The poets that I read

I want you to love me
Be with me as
You used to -
Make the hurt and anger go away!

I feel alone and so afraid,
no one to hold my hand.

I need to travel life's path alone

The computer has its memory
stored within a hard drive
containing programs for us to utilize
The programmer implements software

I am late to work. It is Monday morning - manic Monday morning; It is amazing that I got out of bed in time. 7: 30 AM - yes the sun is up, but I am not. Places to go, people to see.

People rush to work -
Frenzied emotions run wild

Like a pendulum,
or a metronome,
my moods swing -
backwards and forwards,

My poetry is my salvation
that releases me from my captors
the demons that have enslaved me
all of my life.

Given our vaccilating
friendship, relationship
I cannot reconcile
my inconsistent feelings towards you.

I am a dreamer -
but so was Joseph.
He dreamed of being
a star amongst stars,

Loving you fills
my heart with joy.
You complete me in so many ways.
You make me feel

Eating and sleeping are things
I like to do,
but I'd far from consider them pastimes,
I don't think you would,

January 9,2011
I will be a half of a century -
Should I not be
twice as smart

Judy Meibach Biography

I am a novice poet who has loved poetry most of my life - but have taken a more serious turn in my work over the past 2-3 years. I write about love, life and all the emotions that come with the territory. Maybe you could call me a confessional poet on some level. I am quite inspired by those famous poets who refer to themselves as confessional poets. My dream is to be published. Yes, I am a dreamer.)

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A Rose By Any Other Name

I am a different kind of feminine -
an aberration.
A woman, but not in the conventional sense of the word.
Men see me as an anomaly,
irregular, odd.

Physically, I am a woman,
possessing all the biological traits
that make me like other women.
But that is where it stops -
I am peculiar,
(so they say)
I am a far cry from what
men gawk at!

Does that make me less of a woman?
It seems that the external
overshadows the internal
and I am left dumbfounded and perplexed.

I seem to be attracted to men
yet men are repelled by me.
I am intrigued by women,
because of my butch persona -
I seem stronger than when
I am around me
who consider me
un-dainty, clumsy and cocky.

This contradiction
has me swinging back and forth
leaving me in a quandary.

I want to fit in
and yet the elements
are saying otherwise.

Which way do I go?

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