Justin Moffitt

Justin Moffitt Poems

1. Muse Of Mine 2/19/2012
2. Caged 2/21/2012
3. The People In The Trees 3/13/2012
4. The Silence Says It All 3/13/2012
5. The Earth And I Are One. 3/18/2012
6. Bed Sheets 4/16/2012
7. I'M Pathetic But I Still Love You 5/2/2012
8. Criss Cross Applesauce 7/11/2012
9. Meet The Raven 7/11/2012
10. The Word Mask Has Lost All Its Meaning 7/14/2012
11. The Raven 9/9/2012
12. Writer's Block 6/5/2012
13. Paranoia 5/20/2012
14. Clovers 4/3/2012
15. To Be Honest, I Don'T Even Know Anymore. 2/19/2012
16. Lets Go On An Adventure 6/14/2012
17. Water Thoughts 4/16/2012
18. We All Have Our Beliefs 4/21/2012
Best Poem of Justin Moffitt

Water Thoughts

I stood where the ocean met the forest
My feet molding the sand and
Cigarette violating the air -
Asking myself what I believed in
And eventually I came to the conclusion that
I believed in love and happiness
And not the stupid things the fairy tales told
However as the tides began to change
I started to realize they were one in the same
And so I swam into the current
Hoping to never be seen again

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Muse Of Mine

She wanders but is not lost
and is as care-free as the wind that follows her
She Dances under tree's and plays with heart strings
Gently strumming them to the beat of her own
When she's around him he feel's like home
Nothing breaching the brick walls but the sound of her whisper, and the feel of her touch
Her smile illuminating the structure with ease
As if it was never in question, that she was the girl for him.

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