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Justin Tanabe Poems

1. My Dying Wish 6/21/2009
2. War 7/26/2009
3. What Am I 7/28/2009
4. With This Ring 8/7/2009
5. Sleep My Darling 9/6/2009
6. Where Art Thou My Love 9/12/2009
7. Montreal Massacre 9/12/2009
8. Till The End Of Time A 9/11 Tale 9/12/2009
9. Columbine Remembered 9/13/2009
10. An Angel Took Her Home 10/25/2009
11. Holocaust Poem 12/22/2009
12. Redemption 12/23/2009
13. The Charred Boides Of Hiroshima 12/23/2009
14. My Night With Cinderella 9/7/2009
15. Life Is Beautiful 9/7/2009
16. I Would Choose You Over Anything 9/7/2009
17. They Said We Would Never Fly 9/8/2009
18. Died September 11 2001 8/8/2009
19. Bury Me Standing Up 9/6/2009
20. The First Man I Killed 9/11/2009
21. Like A Moth To A Flame 7/28/2009

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Best Poem of Justin Tanabe

Like A Moth To A Flame

I am drawn to you
Like a moth to a flame.
Again and again
I am incinerated by the fire in your eyes
And the inferno in your lips.

My love for you is inextinguishable.
Every time I see you
My brain tells me to flee
so I will not get burned again.
But my heart refuses.

My heart wants to beat
on top of yours.
My heart wants to serenade you
a thousand songs.
My heart wants to devour you
as if you are the sweetest strawberry.

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War is our failure as human beings.
Failure to love thy neighbour.
Failure to love thy enemies.
Failure to differentiate ourselves from monsters.
Failure to walk in the footprints of Christ.
War has become routine.
War will always be a gigantic festering wound
on the back of this world.
Until the raindrops of peace fall from heaven.

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