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1. See You Soon 1/10/2012
2. Kindness Can Kill? 1/10/2012
3. Oomph & Ooze! 1/9/2012
4. The Affair 1/9/2012
5. Poetic Embracement 1/9/2012
6. Moonlight Romance 1/9/2012
7. The Knight Will Not Do It Tonight 1/14/2012
8. Ice-So Hot! ! 1/14/2012
9. Allow Me To Be Born...And To Live..... 4/11/2012
10. Poetess In Pink 4/22/2012
11. Poetess In Blue 4/22/2012
12. Joy And Sadness 4/23/2012
13. Rain 4/25/2012
14. The Bug.........! ! ! 4/25/2012
15. Woman In Sculpture Or Poetry - A Mystery 4/28/2012
16. Turn On 1/1/2013
17. 'Thanks' - You Are 'Welcome' 4/25/2012

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'Thanks' - You Are 'Welcome'

"Thanks" the six letter word to play

It's just as sweet as you say

It means a lot to many of us

It carries love in an omnibus

But I will offer these seven letters to you

And "Thanks" will bear a lovely hue

Time to open the gates of my kingdom

In my world of poetry you are welcome

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See You Soon

Oh! Such is the maze between See and Saw
Life around ‘seeing’ is just a Seesaw
I said to her “See you soon”
And she heard me say, “See you Swoon”

Snapping all ties, said she - “I’ll see you” and bolted
I thought she was inside, but she actually ‘bolted’
At last I looked at the Sea and found ‘her’
And, again the see-saw began yonder.

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