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Beautiful Girl in the Ball, tell the Prince:

'When I wear my mask,
You keep your eyes on me,

If the night not came too fast,
And the life can ruled by myself,
I want to feedback,
So I can know more 'bout you,

I don't know why you smiling,
In this shining morning,
Then you ask me for drinking,
And both of us order Darjeeling,

I always lie,
Lie about my home, Lie about my insanity,
I always being alone for all this year,
Don't know why, no one can't bring me home,

Why I'm so lazy go to school,
Only just stare at my book,
Won't to seek and look around,
The world exam I can't do,

Once, Human and Devil live in the same shadow,
Turn off all the light in the town,
And saw the sun rises and down,
When the darkness and light become one,

I looked to the mirror,
It still me, only me,
Not young, not old,
Just always be me..

From a land of sand arise two kinds of warrior...
A vagabonds leading into the same phenomenon...
Pass through up hill and down dale...
Crushing every stones hanging from fountains...

When the rain, falling...
It touch my nose near...
I began wondering...
Why it can be so sparkling...

What can I expect?
You never look at me for sure, ,
You never recall my name, my message, ,
Or I just loose my hope?

When I stand in front of the door,
Then saw the party was done,
I found you sat on the stone,
Just dream in on and alone, , ,

You think my heart is now...
Still like you wish,
And you can jump on,
Like you can hold on it's to be yours,

I met you, at the beginning,
Just dreaming, where I must go on,
And you always remind me,
This road not always go on like what I want,

Life is like a boat,
It show by the wind,
and flow through the water,
Fight storm and hold on to the sun..

When I was made,
And suddenly born in to this world,
From mother's belly,
And breath my first air, , ,

Imagine if place for you sad on was my heart,
Imagine if the hand you held on was my hand,
Boy, Imagine if you fell to that hole, I'm the one that come to save,

Beautiful sisterhood sibling,
Foolish people's think,
Sister grow gorgeous,
Her beloved younger sister madness,


Do you know? Season had changed,
And you've gone when it almost the spring,
Burn it's in deep snow, you cannot hear me,
Since you decide to make all shout,

I miss you,
Like a mad I do,
Wraped my tears cry,
Wait the blood dry,

Do you remember..
When you get me fall..
You said it lie, you gone it..

Kaede Rirunaru Biography

Me? Oh no... Just an ordinary girl with super imagination, inovation, and A-VOLUTION... oohohohohoho.. I like write and drawing comics, see my narukaede.deviantart.com ok? thanks for looking me... love poemhunter.com)

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Just Until Midnight

Beautiful Girl in the Ball, tell the Prince:

'When I wear my mask,
You keep your eyes on me,
When I use thick make up,
So you want to closer with me,

When I turn beautiful,
Then you known by my spell,
When I walk so ellegance,
So you going to tease me,

Oh baby, It's just can only one night,
Turn to a poor woman that only have a hope,
Than you'll know that's just a pretty lie,
Than better If you know the truth before...

it's too late, , You want somebody else, ,
I'm just a broken glass fall from above the chair, ,
You want me that way,
But no! It's Just Until MIDNIGHT!

So, walk away from me,
if you just won't to believe,
Don't love me now,
Cause you'll never...'

Then the Prince said:

'Even i see just an illusion,
but everything i see just an illusion,
Cause my eyes too bad to see a reality,

Even you're wear a mask,
Can you see everyone wear a mask too in this world,
Cause the truth is in you're heart,

Even it happened just one second,
I see the real you,
The real of you're heart,
Even if that's a lie
I must say thanks to the GOD,
Cause I see the most beautiful lie in my life,
Even if that is the end of my life,

I have no regret to tell but stoped it,
But no, last night I see the real princess,
Without mask,
Without make up,
and that wasn't an illusion,
It's REAL..
Same as my real love for her...'

Naru Kaede as the Beautiful Girl

Andre as the the Prince

Thanks for encourage me, I will not give up for being my self,
even the people love my mask, ,

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