Kaede Rirunaru

Rookie (I'm not already dead.. my birth, Desember,15,1990 / Surabaya, Indonesia)

Kaede Rirunaru Poems

1. Cry On Me 10/13/2008
2. Where It Goes? 10/18/2008
3. Little Dreams Of Me 10/20/2008
4. Swing Of Lie 11/1/2008
5. White Black My Imagination Man 11/8/2008
6. Your Brown Clothes 11/8/2008
7. I Miss You 2/10/2009
8. Cannot 6/13/2009
9. I Will Kill Her 12/12/2008
10. I Wanna Be 2/10/2009
11. Mother, Unreplaceable Woman 11/12/2008
12. Long Time You'Ve Left 11/7/2008
13. At The Beginning 11/8/2008
14. Rainbow 11/9/2008
15. Confession Of The Broken Heart 11/9/2008
16. The Man I Looked At 12/3/2008
17. Someone Inside Me 11/11/2008
18. Battlefield 12/16/2008
19. Devil May Cry 11/18/2008
20. Life Is Like A Boat 6/16/2008
21. Once Again 12/1/2008
22. Slow Down, Baby 12/7/2008
23. Broken Life 12/9/2008
24. Such A Fool Questions 12/9/2008
25. Just Until Midnight 12/2/2008
Best Poem of Kaede Rirunaru

Just Until Midnight

Beautiful Girl in the Ball, tell the Prince:

'When I wear my mask,
You keep your eyes on me,
When I use thick make up,
So you want to closer with me,

When I turn beautiful,
Then you known by my spell,
When I walk so ellegance,
So you going to tease me,

Oh baby, It's just can only one night,
Turn to a poor woman that only have a hope,
Than you'll know that's just a pretty lie,
Than better If you know the truth before...

it's too late, , You want somebody else, ,
I'm just a broken glass fall from above the chair, ,
You ...

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Swing Of Lie

This morning I woke up and again
I just remember what happened that day
Cloud in my head, just covered and blinded me

This night I drying with lonely
I just feedback, come back to that day
They make me scare and chased me wherever I go

The sadness just make me won't stand

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