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I was walking through the July noon,
Searching for a drop of water in the human desert.
Under the shadow of a tall building,
I heard a broken rough voice of a bird,

Looking towards the sky,
Faded reddish bloody sky.
Crying for one more sip of pain
What you have gifted me when we were at vain.

Your Trade is over.
Now bring that soul back to the corpse.
It is crying for a drop of ambrosia,
Wrapped in a torn rack, crying for her lap,

When the Sun calls us,
Mind roars up, ’Who cares! ’
Blind eyes search for another dream,
Again the night may be ours,

Alone I crossed across the people
Living on periphery of the population core,
Roofing under tin, tarpaulin and even trees,
Along with that Olden-young mother,

Along with pink sun I walked the morning,
The footpath even the road was full of rack wrapping dead bodies.
Left hurriedly as flies of their mouth may come to me.
When tied my white shirt I was for office,

Your presence, beside the lake, beneath banyan tree
Has made many and I suppose not forgotten all history.
Once the poet, sitting upon, wrote the landscape
By watching the swans sprinkling the lake,

I want to see you a thousand years up to the death,
I want to praise you in my arms until the last breath.
O my beauty, less to be defined by mortal words,
Let the moon be jealous of glowing you,

One cup of you with the setting sun, what i wished to be offered,
With your glowing bodily canvas, let the red sky get blurred.
Let the dark clouds fall through your shoulder, curving to the cleavage,
Let me drink another sip of your rosy smile, to taste what I have long waited.

The girl in the white,
The pearl in the jewel,
A thousand years to be defined,
Beauty is beautiful as well.

The day will come one day,
When Almighty will listen to our pray,
After this dark night be outdone,
One morning the sun will be our sun.

When I'll be lost to the woods,
Seeking forgotten faces among the crowds.
When my last breath will rise above the high mountains,
Surpassing clouds, sky and those galactic chains.

When the rock was fallen down,
Folks were shaken,
Kingdom was broken,
The king lost his golden thrown.

Its been long the window isn't open,
Darkness prevailed the world of four walls.
People inside, relied on the candle for light.
But every candle has its own finish.

It was late night, if I am not wrong,
The warmth and comfort of the blanket
Let me forget all the pain I had.
I was having sweet dream with a melodious song.

Friends, our exhilaration is over,
Now excuse me
Let me go to the mountains.
Please excuse me,

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Specially write in Bengali Language. Graduated and persuing Masters in Geography from Aligarh Muslim University, India. Have interest over literature for that reason I love to write and reat.....)

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Once In A City

I was walking through the July noon,
Searching for a drop of water in the human desert.
Under the shadow of a tall building,
I heard a broken rough voice of a bird,
I thought it to be the lament of a crow,
Being injured in window by the housewife for its cursing ugliness.
But it was so pathetic, a sad melancholy,
I could not but searched for it in the tall city building,
My first glance caught a tiny ventilator in the cemented wall,
An open beak was visible asking for something towards the sky,
May be it was asking for a bit of ice from the far ice shop,
Or for the water tank on the roof to be burst.
I put myself tall to recognise my curiosity bard,
Oh God! I found, It was an old dying cuckoo bird.

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