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Born 1979 in the Netherlands, studied philosophy, now juggling interests in poetry, philosophy, resistance, writing novels, sustainable living, and traveling.

Kamiel Choi Poems

`light Of Love

I stand next to the ocean
the light of our hotel room
is still reflected on the waves

Two Strangers

How much peace is in an evening walk
of two near strangers at the bay
when they hold hands and gently talk
even if their peace - has gone away

I Will Be Ninety-Five

I will be ninety-five
and I will play my violin
in the shade of a tree


Poetry is always celebration
or its opposite. Making blackness
the word for everything:
A symbol, a sound,

Message To The Future

I risk an early death by sitting down for this
so listen: my clavicles move like daggers
to write cut-throat poetry for you
no jokes. no mirrors.

Kamiel Choi Quotes

11 October 2017

For maggots, happiness is just around the coroner

10 March 2018

let me speak of love, for it should be no silent thing.

16 March 2018

Not what you do professionally but what can entertain you defines who you are.

20 March 2018

I want my words to live in a redeeming, magnificent song to worship the hole in freedom

21 March 2018

My words that are idiot contracts written to the music of escape.

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