Kamiel Choi

Veteran Poet - 1,355 Points [kamiel79] (1979)

Kamiel Choi Poems

1. `you Set My Heart On Fire 9/28/2017
2. It Is High Noon And The Bright Fruits Shine 9/30/2017
3. Horror Las Vegas 10/3/2017
4. Wind 10/11/2017
5. Imagination 10/12/2017
6. Toothache 10/17/2017
7. Wireless 10/31/2017
8. Icecream 11/6/2017
9. Coffee 11/7/2017
10. Underground Blues 11/9/2017
11. Untitled 11/9/2017
12. In The Kitchen 11/9/2017
13. Cum Granu Salis 11/10/2017
14. The Gizzard Of Halcyon 11/10/2017
15. The Hatred Of My Hatred Vindicates Me: 11/10/2017
16. Subway 11/10/2017
17. Real Hypochondria 11/10/2017
18. Toothache Ii 11/10/2017
19. The Echo That Defines The Abyss 11/10/2017
20. Homeless 11/13/2017
21. Age Of We 11/13/2017
22. Today, Let Us Delay Into This World 11/13/2017
23. Christmas 11/13/2017
24. Tableau I 11/21/2017
25. Philosophy Doesn't Cut It 11/23/2017
26. Poetry Is Simple: Make Something Out Of Nothing 11/29/2017
27. A Garden 9/26/2017
28. The Most Obscure Poet 12/7/2017
29. Poetry 9/27/2017
30. Message To The Future 9/17/2017
31. I Will Be Ninety-Five 9/17/2017
32. `light Of Love 9/27/2017
33. Two Strangers 12/2/2017

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Best Poem of Kamiel Choi

Two Strangers

How much peace is in an evening walk
of two near strangers at the bay
when they hold hands and gently talk
even if their peace - has gone away

How much truth lies there, for a little while
when of human needs the most divine
between a thoughtful nod and then a smile
is shared by eyes like yours and mine

The sea is whispering quietly below
her waves are pushing light shadows ashore
we inspired each other - and smiled even more

Our shadows, let's pick them up before we go
because the moonlight won't restore
those shadows and this instant, never ...

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A Garden

In my mind I have created a garden
populated with insects who don't bite
and birds who don't shit on my paper when I write
there is a lily pond, with frogs who know Bach

However, they keep quiet. This is my refuge
where nothing pierces through the surface
every ripple is merely the smile of an admirer
every distortion the promise of a silence

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