Kareem Ayodejih Abeeb Poems

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The Last Words Of A Dying Man

Dont be bothered my dears
I must go to meet my fathers
And death has a debt to pay the earth
Shed tears if you will

An Extra-Marital Affair

As I laid spent on my bed one night
Like a snake crawled in sleep with might
Bearing promises of pleasure like a trove of treasure
Weary was I, that I let her seduce me and be sure

True Love Is An Old Lie

True love is an old lie
Long passed down and is yet to die
Told round fires to children of a young age
So they may hunger for marriage.

Untitled-For A Tree

She was a friend
In many more ways than a man could be


In the dark of my heart
A description apt is born
Of our days together
When, over and over

(for Courage)

Only few things in life are easier than exams
'Tis just like crossing a mountain-
You do not do it wearing only your skin.
Just practice and prepare

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