An Extra-Marital Affair Poem by Kareem Ayodejih Abeeb

An Extra-Marital Affair

Rating: 3.5

As I laid spent on my bed one night
Like a snake crawled in sleep with might
Bearing promises of pleasure like a trove of treasure
Weary was I, that I let her seduce me and be sure
She soothed my aches and lulled my soul to her
She willed my eyes and mind to rest with her whisper
So we laid in each others arms
Caressing, kissing, touching... In my candle lit room arms in arms
While the clock ticked and measured time
Then it came to me that I was married, hence, it was a crime
In my dusty old shelf laid my bride
Pages and pages of books to be read
So I shooed sleep away
Never to return that night even as a stray

Bri Edwards 07 December 2013

pages and pages sounds good to me. i think b. aremu was fooled by the poem, though i confess that i at first was fooled until i got near the end. VERY clever and well-woven story. i hope you find time to let sleep stay a while longer some nights! thanks for sharing. and thanks for throwing me some rhymes! :) i will only take time to read and comment on this one poem now. but if there is/are one or two others you would particularly like me to review, please send me them or their titles.

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Stephen W 07 December 2013

Very funny! Not sure Pages and pages... is correct. Piles and piles...

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Babatunde Aremu 22 September 2012

Good poem. Adultery is a crime and must be dicouraged. Thanks for sharing

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