The Last Words Of A Dying Man Poem by Kareem Ayodejih Abeeb

The Last Words Of A Dying Man

Rating: 3.8

Dont be bothered my dears
I must go to meet my fathers
And death has a debt to pay the earth
Shed tears if you will
You may bring life from my death through the earth

Miss me if you must
But my soul needs its rest
Say your goodbyes now
For death is pacing with impatience
And I can understand his pain

I can see my end in the near
You may leave if you wish and not watch
'I cant feel my legs! my arms!
Is it night? Its all so dark!
Call the doctor, I...'

K.ayodeji Abeeb 13 September 2012

please, I would like everyone that reads this poem to tell me how good or bad it is.Thanks!

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Kelly Seale 14 September 2012

Hey, this is quite good Kareem, Yes Quite Good! Very impressive for a young man of your age... keep writing... always be writing... never stop.! Great Write! ! ! ; -) -Kelly

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Kebe Iwara 21 September 2012

Finally abeeb writes. Nice poem with much room for improvement

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Persian Khushi 17 September 2012

you write very well. a great poet in the making. join me on FB introduce you to poetry groups. persian khushi

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Jalloh Alusine 15 September 2012

Every man will pass through death. Good try

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Babatunde Aremu 14 September 2012

Good poem.'Keep writing cos I know it is not time to say good night despite the odds

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Kelvin Owusu 14 September 2012

This is actually good, very well structured you pretty talented, don't ever stop writing

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