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an American poet and author, born in Little Rock, Ark. to Kate Florence Montgomery Wilson and William Thomas Murphey Wilson. Educated at the University of Chicago, she studied under poet William Vaughn Moody and novelist Robert Herrick, and later went on to write her own poems and novels. In spite of the frequent mordant bits, her poems have visions of real beauty.

When Dr. Birdwell convinced Karle Wilson Baker to teach Contemporary Poetry for the summer sessions in 1924, he added to his faculty Texas' most prestigious poet. No other faculty member had the national recognition which she enjoyed; indeed, no other college or university in Texas could boast a poet of such acclaim. By 1924, Karle Wilson Baker had published her first four books at one of the nation's most important scholarly ...

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Oone Tattered 08 April 2014

Within the Alamo, good historic poem, brought to mind all those war worn souls...

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Pat Grapes 18 July 2006

Hi, I'm looking for: Excerpt from 'Listen To Love' by Karie Wilson Baker. I can't seem to fine it. please help. thank you Pat

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The Best Poem Of Karle Wilson Baker

I Shall Be Loved As Quiet Things

I shall be loved as quiet things
Are loved--white pigeons in the sun,
Curled yellow leaves that whisper down
One after one;

The silver reticence of smoke
That tells no secret of its birth
Among the fiery agonies
That turn the earth;

Cloud-islands; reaching arms of trees;
The frayed and eager little moon
That strays unheeded through a high
Blue afternoon.

The thunder of my heart must go
Under the muffling of the dust--
As my gray dress has guarded it
The grasses must;

For it has hammered loud enough,
Clamored enough, when all is said:
Only its quiet part shall live
When I am dead.

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Karle Wilson Baker Popularity

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