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I feel your pain
Your struggle
It has got to hurt
Deep inside


I don't
I don't want
I don't want to


It is going to be better tomorrow
I keep telling myself that
But my body is aching of sorrow
How can I go on without you?

In a world filled with strangers
Sitting next to each other
Without saying a word
Only taking a glimpse at one another

Tonight he popped over again
My father
I don't remember what he did or said
My father

Golden trees, leaves rustling
Shorter days, colder nights, darkening of days
Autumn has finally arrived

I am outside looking at the October colours
The wind is howling around me
The air is crisp and cool, chilly even
The leaves whirl as I stand there

My heart is heavy
My soul is aching
My home isn't my home with her in it
It's an empty shell without her beautiful soul

And the time came when the people
Had to rely on each other for help
Elderly had to be protected as well as
People who were weaker or had an illness


White ships are sailing by
Through blue skies and clouds of white
Hundreds of birds fly
There is light, sunshine

Floating on a cloud
I see a quilt of meadows
With a ribbon of a river through it
Vast forests of green

With my nose in the air
I walk in the early morning

If the leaves of the trees turn color again
The green slowly changing
Into scarlet and yellow ocher
The sunlight plays through the leaves

I must have dreamt of you again
Like I did so many nights before
I felt your touch once more
And heard your voice speak but then

It smells like rain still
Raindrops on flowers
Misty morning promise of Autumn


The train brings me
Through foggy fields
This morning
It reflects my mood

It's that time of year again
I should rejoice really
But I'm sad
Sad because you have gone

And when he emerged
Out of the shadows of the room
She realised Death was there
For her final trip


Why do I never feel good enough
Why do I feel the need to prove myself
Why does it hurt to think
Why does it hurt to feel


See me
Hear me
Listen to me

Katinka Havermans Biography

I love to write. Mostly short stories but also poems. Most of my poems are in English, although Dutch is my native language. I just write what I feel, nothing more or less. Just from the heart. I started writing poems in 2009 and the first ones are not so good I think. I placed them on Poemhunter anyway. The poems in Dutch I did not place on Poemhunter.)

The Best Poem Of Katinka Havermans

I Feel Your Pain

I feel your pain
Your struggle
It has got to hurt
Deep inside

You are so tough
A strong boy
A man even
But just a child

I feel your pain
It is mine too
You know
I can only watch

You can do it
Yourself you say
I want to help
And say it will be allright

I feel your pain
It must hurt
Even after six years
That your mum and dad
Don't even like each other anymore

© KH

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Katinka Havermans Popularity

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