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1. Art Of Acceptance 1/4/2007
2. I Wish... 1/6/2007
3. You.....Are The One! 1/19/2008
4. After Walking For Few Miles 5/11/2008
5. Your Smile 5/19/2008
6. Practice 5/19/2008
7. See You Smile 6/14/2008
8. Incomplete 6/14/2008
9. My Friend 7/19/2008
10. Wish World 5/28/2009
11. D R E A M 6/8/2007
12. A Friend 1/19/2008
13. Outside My Shell. 6/1/2007
14. All I Need... 6/1/2007
15. A Heart 1/4/2007
16. Reason For My Smile 1/5/2007
17. Victory Is All Yours For Sure! 12/20/2006
18. Tryin To Be Me... 1/3/2007
19. Friendship 1/19/2008
20. Between Heart And Mind 1/4/2007
21. I Asked My Heart. 1/3/2007
22. Love You Mom' 1/13/2007

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Love You Mom'

holding your hands i took my first step
you showed me difference between wrong & right...
you have always stood by me
you....have been my guiding light.

in all my difficult times,
you inspired me to fight
and the way you crafted me,
i fear no attack

times when i am low,
somehow you come to know
and from the garden of my life,
worries & sorrows are what you mow

you always want me to smile
no matter how much you have to cry....
your love and care is unbounded
it's like an......ocean of sky....

i have been admiring you all my ...

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A Heart

it is very easy to say i luv you,
to the one 4 whom u really care...
coz that is what ur heart has to say,
and so you go ahead and dare...

but then when its time 2 say goodbye,
why does your heart tries 2 run away...
and why it refuses to accept the truth,
that the one it loved wasnt here to stay...

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