kay connolly Poems

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The Only Truth That Hurts.

Your laughter alone was enough to heal the bruises.
Missing the small things is causing me to lose it.

Hour long phone calls and meeting half-way,

The Only Thing You Deserve.

This is my first poem. This is my first piece of writing that I put any real feelings into. Feel free to criticize, I know I'm not that good, and I need it.

Retaining the thought of you standing over me at your mother’s house; no shirt, just sweat pants.
I remember telling myself I wanted to be with you forever.

When You'Re Ready.

Thoughts of you control my mind every day.
Any feelings of love gone, without a word to say.

I still wait for your call, knowing it’s never going to come.

Eyes Of Prevention

My 2nd poem. A lot of feeling into this because I turned my life around and I'm still amazed by how I did it. I try to write poems now instead of drinking when I feel something. I love feedback, I want to become better at writing so please feel free to criticize. I promise not to write an intro on every poem.

Nobody’s choice of fate is self-brutality.
Each day another victim is blindsided by motives of immorality,

Something Else In Mind.

Believing that we met because it was fate,
No thoughts considered that your love could turn to hate.
So I accepted no beliefs that my heart found displeasing,
and I neglected the fact that we met for another reason.

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