Keel Lincoln

Rookie ((DOB: It was one of those days where the sun came up, and then went down again.) / Kinshasa, DRC (former Zaire))

Keel Lincoln Poems

1. I'Ll Never Feel Love Again 7/14/2009
2. Ode To Barefoot 7/14/2009
3. The Kitchen Sink 7/14/2009
4. Rock...Paper...Scissor...Owned! 7/14/2009
5. Puddeling 7/14/2009
6. Cesspool 7/14/2009
7. Few To Assume 7/14/2009
8. God Laughed At Me 7/14/2009
9. The Obscene Hypocrite 7/14/2009
10. Fail 7/14/2009
11. Train Approaches 7/14/2009
12. Sleepless 7/14/2009
13. My Doings 7/14/2009
14. Pulse 7/14/2009
15. Unfortinate Trance 7/14/2009
16. My Greatest Friend, Goodbye. 7/16/2009
17. Speak To Me 7/17/2009
18. Wondering 7/20/2009
19. Shards Of The Cloud 7/15/2009
20. Love Is Complex 7/14/2009
21. History Repeats Itself 7/14/2009

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Best Poem of Keel Lincoln

History Repeats Itself

The hands move around the circle of the clock,
They know of no other way in which to do so,
Coming to the end of their journey, they’ve reached the top,
And once again, their same travels begin through,
History, as they say, repeats itself,
Time and time again,
As with every turning of those hands,
Repetitively it repeats the turn,
I’m beginning to believe it is true,
My life tends to show it when it can,
Life bunting me into the random,
Of strangers to which I oddly linger,
Trapped into my memory as a memorandum,
Of when I was torn from my ...

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I try one cheek to the pillow, then try the other cheek,
I try my front, then I try my back,
For the time being I have forgotten how to sleep,
Trapped in my head the fearless fright,
Of what’s been kept out of sight,
Waiting for the sunshine’s rays so bright,
In these dark hours of yet another sleepless night,

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