Kefentse Sathekge

Rookie - 10 Points (1980/01/16 - infinity / Pretoria)

Kefentse Sathekge Poems

1. Your Womb Is Infected. 11/8/2007
2. You Shall Know Me 2/8/2008
3. I Hold No Desires. 11/18/2008
4. Every Man, Thief And Common 11/30/2008
5. The Hour I First Believed. 12/14/2008
6. Just As Leaves 1/25/2009
7. Consider My Erect Pride 1/26/2009
8. Death Of A Smile 6/23/2009
9. Is It Not That I... 9/3/2009
10. Tale Of Two Bulls 9/16/2009
11. Oh! What An Impediment. 9/17/2010
12. 12 Months Of No Kisses 10/13/2009
13. The Way 4/3/2009
14. I Silently Seek 12/7/2008
15. Black Coffee 2/18/2008
16. Out Of Hurting 8/14/2009
17. Garment Of All Occasion 4/24/2009
18. Mint Sprout 5/23/2008
19. The Night We Had Sweet Potatoes. 11/11/2008
20. I Do Not Know The Start. I Do Not Know How Far It Stretches… 11/5/2008
21. Pregnant Lips 10/2/2007
Best Poem of Kefentse Sathekge

Pregnant Lips

Pregnant lips with a void mind
How do I write in such state of mind?
My erectile pen wet with feelings
Solidifies when my fingers fight
Though forced to write against his will
Such slavery cannot be condoned

Though lips were pregnant & ready
My mind random and not steady
To give birth to a line or a phrase
Nor am I ready to be a recipient of praise

Wasted vowels fill a trash can in my mind
Though I know my poetry matures like wine
Sometimes I let my mind go free and wild
Unwritten minds represent aborted lines
Such uncreativity closes my heart...

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Black Coffee

It is like hot brewed coffee with no milk.
It slithers in between, its warmth ensnares.
Once in you, there is no word to define it.
You try to talk, only gust of air
breezes out. You start to quake,
And there is only one thing in this world that
Can make you feel this way....
But I guess you will never get to taste it,
As it is never the same with a creamer.

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