Kefentse Sathekge Poems

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Mint Sprout

i love you in the morning.
when you smell like scented rain,
your lips like mint sprouts.
when my arms are around your neck,

The Night We Had Sweet Potatoes.

The night was quite. Calm was in the air.
I remember I rushed home.
I had to prepare.
The mint sauce.

Garment Of All Occasion

I cannot wear my pyjamas to work
Nor swim in my shirt and tie.
But there is a cloth for all occasion
I want to put it on

Out Of Hurting

Out of hurting, I had build
Something that resembles the Berlin wall
Now you are here…
I have been reluctant

Black Coffee

It is like hot brewed coffee with no milk.
It slithers in between, its warmth ensnares.
Once in you, there is no word to define it.
You try to talk, only gust of air


(to the one I truly love & I grow to love daily)

That is how I feel about you.
You cannot question my love.

I Silently Seek

You are everywhere
yet I seek.
I silently bow.
Eyelids softly shut,

The Way

Daily I seek you
Like the clothes I wear
Unfold my wings
I have been docile too long

12 Months Of No Kisses

I used to smile inside, alone
When I think of chilies and omelette

Do you still remember? I do,

Oh! What An Impediment.

Prior to her womb being invaded
Thoughts of him penetrated, breaking in like a common thief
And she conceived him in mind
And in spirit

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