Garment Of All Occasion Poem by Kefentse Sathekge

Garment Of All Occasion

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I cannot wear my pyjamas to work
Nor swim in my shirt and tie.
But there is a cloth for all occasion
I want to put it on
To work and sleep

I swear I would not dream
Of running a race in my
Jacket and trousers
I would sweat like it were raining
And my toes, in pain, they would swell

But you tell me of a cloth I could wear
A garment restoring my shame
Put him on like a clothing
A garment that does not go out of season
Covering my state of undress

I can wear you to sleep
To work and to my friends and to the one
I proclaim my enduring love to.

When I cycle
I wear sweat proof tights and pants
The cool air goes through me like
I am naked.
But yet I cannot wear cycle pants
To go see my in-laws

But there is a garment for all occasion.
Wherever you go, whatever you do,
Put on Jesus.

Mel Vincent Basconcillo 27 April 2009

u are spectacular and brilliant..great work!

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Joseph Poewhit 24 April 2009

You can tell a person by the cloths they wear.

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Zoleka Lusiti 24 April 2009

Hey Kef, well written and very beautiful! The way you describe this Garment is so beautiful and interesting. I like it! You are good buddy.10+

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