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South african, born in the apartheid(racial segregation) era. Discovered poetry in my last years of high school.My poetry changes with time & so do my skills & my choice of words. my mission is to write poems everyone can read & enjoy, but i do not compromise on quality and style. i take great pride on the quality of my work.

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Molaire Jules 18 October 2007

''Talented Poet! ''

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Mint Sprout

i love you in the morning.
when you smell like scented rain,
your lips like mint sprouts.
when my arms are around your neck,
i rest my spirit on your shoulders,
my burdens seem light & i'm at home.

when your eyes are fixed on me...,
like guided missiles on its prey,
and that neatly ordered beauty
mark, that sleeps in your eye
like a tear that will never be...

when your eyes are on me,
i feel loved like that chilli omlé*
on you lips,
the gesture of your smile when
im in your company.
i love you like those dried sweet
the way you melt when your mouth
admits defeat to the temptation.

im no perfect but your love keeps
no records of wrong.

*omlette - omlé

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