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I have loved writing since as long as I can remember, I started really young....and although at times I don't write for a while...I can never completely's a huge part of me...I may think differently then others but that just makes my poems different too...which isn't a bad thing, because how boring would poetry be if it were all the same? Enjoy!

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I Do, I Will Marry You.

Can I trust you?
You say I can
but I won't let myself
I can't get hurt again


worry washes over me
and there's no way
that I can stop it
It's what makes me human

A Baby Growing Inside Of Me. 3

Life is growing inside of me
right at this moment
it's tiny little kicks
are pulling at my

Nothing More, Nothing Less

I am purple
I am green
I've been lost
and I've been seen

My Unborn Son

How is it that
I already love you
And I haven't met you yet
How is it that I feel

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Laurena Willetts 14 June 2010

loved the poem...i know i ask too muh of you........its my kind of, romance deep feeelings well done

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