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Kellie Teter Poems

1. Home. 5/12/2010
2. When A Babies Born 5/13/2010
3. Imagination 5/13/2010
4. We All Have Evil In Us. 5/14/2010
5. Pink Sky, Humidity 5/14/2010
6. Broken Heart 5/14/2010
7. And For That I Am Sorry 5/27/2010
8. Leaves Us Barely Breathing 5/27/2010
9. Skin & Paint 6/4/2010
10. Fear Is Something We All Feel 6/12/2010
11. Devil In My Head 6/12/2010
12. The Music 6/14/2010
13. I Should Just Shut You Out For Ever. 7/3/2010
14. Forever Mine? 7/3/2010
15. You Left Me Physically Ill 7/4/2010
16. Please, Do It For The Three Of Us. 7/17/2010
17. Until You Come Back To Me. 7/17/2010
18. To My Son I Am Everything 10/14/2010
19. Until You Set Me Free 11/24/2010
20. I'M Not The Only One You Shared Your Bed With.... 11/24/2010
21. Break Away 2/18/2011
22. Starving 10/8/2011
23. I Don'T Ever Want To Leave. 10/8/2011
24. Seperate Lives ≪/3 10/15/2011
25. We Settle For Love.. 10/15/2011
26. Unfaithful 10/15/2011
27. Something Is Missing. 10/15/2011
28. I Miss Us.≪3 10/22/2011
29. On The Run 4/10/2012
30. Torn Me To Pieces 6/13/2012
31. No One Is Ever Ready To Be A Parent 5/13/2010
32. A True Friendship Even Ends. 5/13/2010
33. The Media 6/14/2010
34. My Unborn Son 6/4/2010
35. Nothing More, Nothing Less 5/10/2010
36. A Baby Growing Inside Of Me. 3 5/12/2010
37. Worry 5/14/2010
38. I Do, I Will Marry You. 6/4/2010

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  • Laurena Willetts (6/14/2010 8:33:00 PM)

    loved the poem...i know i ask too muh of you........its my kind of, romance deep feeelings
    well done

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Best Poem of Kellie Teter

A Baby Growing Inside Of Me. 3

Life is growing inside of me
right at this moment
it's tiny little kicks
are pulling at my
heart strings
a feeling so magical
so hard to compete with
so hard to describe
as I hold my belly threw
the night just to make sure
it's safely growing
The fear in my heart
doesn't compare to the love
I already feel for this unborn
human being
just imagining the first time
our eyes meet
it makes life worth living
and it makes me more giving
because I realize I have
to give up a lot
but when I feel him move
inside of me...
and when...

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I floated away
on a cloud today
not knowing where
it would take me
A touched the moon
and the stars
and took a dip
in the milky way
I sat on the tallest

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