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Dance my angel,
Show no fear,
Show your love,
And show your tears,

I'm all alone,
It's dark in here,
And for some reason,
I'm filled with fear,

My devil whispers,
Into my ear,
'Let the fire consume you, '
'Don't worry my dear, '

Think of the children that die each year, each minute, every couple of seconds, and think of how lucky you are. Please, spread the word of this poem, help me educate people about malnutrition's effect! ! !

Lying awake,
A yound child cries,

I got this idea from the lullaby 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.'

Twinkle Twinkle,
My little star,

I'm no princess,
All pretty in pink,
I won't act any different,
I am me,


Don't hide yourself,
Behind a mask,
Show who you are,
And how you act,

Do you believe in monsters?
As they wait beneath your bed,
With claws and teeth and fur,
And wait to soon be fed.

This world is a mess,
You see much sadness,
As you walk through the streets,
And see the fate that we keep,

You can be annoying,
And get on my nerves,
Even though,
I've known you for years,

A lightning flash,
A thunder's boom,
The sad song,
That the rain produced,

A broken heart,
Doesn't cease to beat,
No matter how painful,
It, they won't defeat,


I wish it would rain,
So I could see the sky cry,
And hear it sing,
It's soft lullaby,

There was something I wanted to tell you,
But I just can't remember what,
I feel embarrased to say this,
But I think I now forgot,

People say that death,
Is the end of all life,
When people are gone,
And the reaper's swung his scythe,

They'll be there for you,
When you cry,
And when you want to,
Just go die,

Come one, Come all,
To the Masquerade Ball,
Into this dream,
You'll soon start to fall,

This poem was requested by Keith Kamoso. He gave me some information and asked me to make a poem out of it. This is me writing in his shoes, how I would feel if I were him.

I wake up, it's another day,
All I can say is I'm feeling ok,

How is it Alice,
In Wonderland,
Who have you met
Did you make any friends?

A missing heart,
A missing soul,
My memories,
So filled with holes,

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My name is Kelly Aragon.I love writing poetry and stories. I love black and goth stuff.... idk :) Oh, and if you have any ideas for a poem, or would like me to write you a poem on any subject you can message me.)

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My Angel

Dance my angel,
Show no fear,
Show your love,
And show your tears,

Fly my angel,
Spread your wings,
Glide down to me,
Into my reach,

Sing my angel,
And let them hear,
That beautiful voice,
I've heard for years,

Fear nothing my angel,
God will protect you,
This time he won't let,
Anything hurt you,

Cry my angel,
Don't hold back tears,
For it will rain,
Down here on Earth,

My friend, my angel,
Ever since you died,
I do miss you,
But I can't cry,

So smile my angel,
I'll tell you why I don't cry,
Because no matter how far,
We stay apart,
I love you my angel,
You'll stay in my heart.

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Joan Goodger 25 November 2013

i love your poems vary much

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