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i am now 20 years old i love poems reading, writing them they are great.poems have help me out in life and i not be hear today if i did not find other people like me.can you read my poems and let me know what you think of them please.thanks for reading this.take care

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Kiss Of An Angel

They were a soft kiss that he felt on his lips.
The kiss was gentle and made him fell warm.
The kiss made him fell safe and secure.
Just for the special seconds he had her in his arms.

Wish On A Star

Look here a star.
You wish on them.
If you’re lucky u get it.
It stands and shines with hope.

Waiting Game

I looked out of the window where you left me standing.
I know you are upset with what I have done but it was not my fault.
You were the one who lied and cheating on me and I found out.
You said it was cause of me as I was always evil and cold.

Love Is Never Free

As I remember when I was a bit younger I had a dream.
The dream was about an endless love.
A rich man a poor girl running from some thing.
A man with axes walked up to them.

Love Is A Line

Love is a line that grows.
Love is a line that does not show.
Love is a line that fight.
Love is a line that survive.

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Vanessa Goldsmith 01 March 2007

Love your poems! ! ! Do you have any tips for a beginner?

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