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They were a soft kiss that he felt on his lips.
The kiss was gentle and made him fell warm.
The kiss made him fell safe and secure.
Just for the special seconds he had her in his arms.

Look here a star.
You wish on them.
If you’re lucky u get it.
It stands and shines with hope.

I looked out of the window where you left me standing.
I know you are upset with what I have done but it was not my fault.
You were the one who lied and cheating on me and I found out.
You said it was cause of me as I was always evil and cold.

As I remember when I was a bit younger I had a dream.
The dream was about an endless love.
A rich man a poor girl running from some thing.
A man with axes walked up to them.

Love is a line that grows.
Love is a line that does not show.
Love is a line that fight.
Love is a line that survive.

Life is life
Life is love
Life is you and me
Life is every thing we see

Angels vs. devils this fight is being thought.
People are betting devils will win, as they are evil
Yet angels are pure and kind.
Devils have fire as a weapon.

Children in the playground playing on the swings being like a monkey. As the monkey is swinging in and out of the trees as the wind pass him by.

Baby in the pram sleeping quietly a bit like a mouse. As the mouse is sneaking quietly past the hopeful looking cat that is looking on for coming mice.


Love is worth the world.
Love is what makes me.
Love is what we want.
Love is a felling people share.

Can you keep a secret?
Well my mum had this man in the house.
I not think you guess but I saw them kiss.
Dad does not know that it his mate.

They an angel that was born today
Not in heaven like the rest of them stay
The angel was born on earth sent by god
Not to spy on people but was blessed by the love of a family

All my life I played with the cards you dealt
What was the point in playing with you?
You are wasting my time

Bang, bang, bang goes the gun shooting endless at things that we have done.
Yet we are the people that have been sent to kill.
No body knows why we fight brother and sister stand up against each other,
Yet we are the solders that carry on in the night shooting at the Innocents that has to be killed. They are like us you and me standing up wanting to be free. Yet this battle still carries on fighting. They are no winner they be no ends.
I know this is right he said. Right too go to war with are own men. What about the children of tomorrow they will grow up and hate us. Look what we are doing to this world that we are living in.
These people are family to god. God is a man who saves us. Well start to save us there so many people dying slowly.

Let me dream of the pain that I am in
Let me hear the voice of those saved people
Let me dream of what it was like to be them
Let me dream of what they gone through

I rember the time that I meet you
I did not now you but you smile and stand there
You talk with grace that you had I know from that start you was glad

Look at you there watching me
Let me be asked if I might take this chance
Please let me dance

In this game it is all or nothing
Place your bets please
I bet that you will fall and not get up
You are already a mess what makes me wrong

The angel of death sits there in her throne
She holding a spear and choosing her victim
She pick a young women who young and innocent

I stand here hoping that the night be short
It was twenty days to count that I found out.
That I be standing here on my own
Living breathing eating with the kids.

A full moon rises,
It calls to the beast within.
Fur spreads across my skin,
Muscles ripple beneath.

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i am now 20 years old i love poems reading, writing them they are great.poems have help me out in life and i not be hear today if i did not find other people like me.can you read my poems and let me know what you think of them please.thanks for reading this.take care)

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Kiss Of An Angel

They were a soft kiss that he felt on his lips.
The kiss was gentle and made him fell warm.
The kiss made him fell safe and secure.
Just for the special seconds he had her in his arms.
Even then this angel who kiss him disappeared.
He knows that deep in his heart.
He had a kiss of an angel in his heart.

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Vanessa Goldsmith 01 March 2007

Love your poems! ! ! Do you have any tips for a beginner?

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