Kelsi Brockway Poems

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Willow Tree

Willow tree,
willow tree
how lovely you are
your branches weep and bow to the wind


Up the hill we climb
The old sled in tow
Snow flakes pepper my coat
As up the hill we go

Speak Softly

Speak softly
My gentle villian
For the words you speak bring pain
They cut me deep

Just Tear Me Apart

Tear me apart
Till there is nothing left
Take no prisoners and tell no lies
The hurt that you caused

Now I Hear The Birds

was lost for so long
never seeing
never feeling
stuck in winter

Lovely Lies

the trees shed their secrets
the snow covers the gardens
i feel so cold
so keep telling me those lovely little lies

Sleepless Nights

Memories plague me
They remind me of you
And what you ment to me
Before you didn't come through

If I Were To Be Reborn

If i were to be reborn
I would want to be a raindropp
So worldly and travled i couldnt be ignored
Through lifes bitter storm

Speak! !

Crashing trees
and burning fears
They make us shed endless tears
Filling eyes and flowing hate

Are You Proud Of Me Yet?

Do you see
What you've done to me?
The scars on my wrist they do not go away
All the things i do

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