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Just Tear Me Apart

Tear me apart
Till there is nothing left
Take no prisoners and tell no lies
The hurt that you caused
Made me want to curl up and die
The slits on my wrist
Do they seem like a lie?
You say i'm vindictave
You say i am not right
So go ahead and pretend things are all right
At night when i curl into my ball
I feel my self start to fall
That urge to let go
That urge to just die
Because in front of you i sat and i cried
You just gave me a look of disgust
And told me to get up and wipe my self off
I hate how in public i have to pretend
That ...

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Who Are You?

you stand by my door
i look at you
not seeing the person i know
who are you?
so cold and detached
your warm eyes icy
your a stranger this way
saying words that you know hurt
Did i ever really know you?