Sleepless Nights Poem by Kelsi Brockway

Sleepless Nights

Rating: 4.0

Memories plague me
They remind me of you
And what you ment to me
Before you didn't come through
Because of you i suffer sleepless nights
And dream of What If's and How Comes
How those dreams do burn
Walking on broken glass is way more fun.
I can't stand you
I can's stand me
I can't stand what we used to be
When what we had lied broken and screaming for help
We turned around and left
We ingored the elephant in the room
Untill it was to late and it squashed us
You knew i was broken
You promised it didn't matter
Now my heart is reshattered
How the elephant screamed to be let out
But we just put wax in our ears
To help block it out
Why didn't we try to fix what was broken?
But i guess it doesn't matter
Because close doesn't count
Now all that is left is the sleepless nights
That poison me into thinking of you.
I can't sleep for fear that you will be my dream
I can't be in public for fear of letting the scars show
So i will spend my nights sleepless
And alone.

Shadow Girl 10 March 2012

Hurtful and hard feelings hopefully released somewhat in this beautiful poetry...don't worry most poet are insomniacs and have their own demons to fight! -SG xo

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Seule Coeur 29 February 2012

true feelings pass the vein reading ya poetry. nice work...

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