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Again on a loud path
To see a people's wrath
Going, not knowing where they bath
Baths of self, and weary loudness

Immovable man
You are the obstacle of action
You are the old life and a obstruction
To which you follow, the ways of sin

Life is on the highway
Choose your way
Cross the right lane if you may
Don't cross the dark left it fills your curiosity

Mountain of rune
How your secrets lay hidden in a desert of dunes
The secrets of your treasures protected from evil powers
Your sides covered, filled with purple flowers

Bloom of a room
Which fills the loom
The spins that it makes, on noon
Like a glitter of sparkle

Greatest of a remedy
Is a medicine, a rarity
It can cure rightly
A cure to take lightly

Gray at sea
Death plea
At last they flea

A grand red sand
Where dust flourishes in the land
It is windy, yet upon there, sound was silenced
Who is there to see this sand of grand?

Exemption of the cave
A cave that crave
The cold concave

Plane of uncertainty
With wings of eternity
To which it goes on a path, to variety
To an eternal reality

Its over and sober on a river
That flows through the language of a foreigner
It became harder, stronger, than a hammer

A poet's pen of lead
The pen lead the way, inspired
By poet's thoughts, of life or death

Tis it was a morning breeze
Where shadows cast down their grievance
And the wind blows louder than life
Where I feel the room of emptiness

Nearer they go to the land of conquest
They move fast as motorized vehicles, with one route, to tempest.
Filled with determination they wage war, the saints.
With a common enemy that is the vast confusion.

Over there, is a place of carnage.
That place where the trees fade.
Where the spoils from previous rulers echo.
That echoes like the thunderous noise of battle.

The dark embedded thee cries
It longs for light though light dies
To and from thy place is mysterious

Time of mourn
How great your pain
When has he spoken?
In all time like a recollection

A dystopian dream
Why do some go into this dam?
I saw the dam that lies, clogging up truths

Future flies time.
The days flee
Through a shadow of space.
Great and vast are the choices

The dark plain
From where is its grain
A grain like a algorithm
The algorithm cried a rhythm

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I am a fellow writer who likes to write poems that have a really deep meaning in their themes and read different poems with similar or different themes ^-^)

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Again On A Loud Path

Again on a loud path
To see a people's wrath
Going, not knowing where they bath
Baths of self, and weary loudness
Oh, those sounds they make, not knowing of their sadness

They see not what they want, on that loud path!
By which they bath in their selfs and wrath
There loud screams came streams of only, rageness
Which then, I only said 'Fools only follow their own made tools! '

Only on that loud path, daunted with wrecknesses
Was their own insanity in vanity
Of themselves, I could not be with their calamity
I am only separated, from their force, strong as gravity

There mindlessness was nonsense
On a loud path, full of their own made misery
This mystery, their own realization of their own self history!
That led them on again on a loud path!

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'To fight the good fight we are called upon to carry our burdens and weaknesses through life, through adversity, and to win with a spirit of a warrior! '

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