Desire Poem by Kholekile Monakali


If you desire an hour's
Happiness take a nap.
If you desire a day's
Happiness go fishing.

If you desire a life's
Happiness, get married.
If you desire a month's
Happiness, inherit a fortune.

If you desire a year's
Happiness, help someonelse
To get what s/he want.
Desire is the key to
Motivation and courage.

Katherine Ng Li Hoon 04 September 2008

That what give a person meaning to survive in this earth i.e.desire.Another good write by you.

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Adeline Foster 17 September 2008

I forgot to mention: they should be flipped around. If you were ever to inherit a fortune, believe me, within a month you’ll regret it.

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Adeline Foster 17 September 2008

This is a great poem. It is too bad that it is spoiled by a negative thought on marriage. A month’s happiness for marriage? Must be something wrong with the desire. Is the poem just a jab at marriage, or has the author really become disillusioned? Unfortunately that is the foremost thought the poem leaves in the mind of the reader. That is sad for such a good poem. Adeline

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Katherine Ng Li Hoon 15 September 2008

What a great desire you have! I indeed enjoy this write of yours.Thanks for sharing.

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Shalini Kts 14 September 2008

nice poem, but wedding is not a month happiness, its living and loving the mate for a lifetime, and helping some one for lifetime happiness is also good point.... nice try

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Pandora Chaos 12 September 2008

this poem is amazing, love it........i desire a lifetime of happiness with the 1 i love

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