Africa Today Poem by Kholekile Monakali

Africa Today

Rating: 5.0

Where is Nationalism, Solidarity, Socialism?
All I see are the Civil wars, we are fighting
together for power, demoralizing our people.

I'm talking about Dictatorship, Autocracy,
Despotism, Monocracy, Where is the Freedom,
independence, Equality, Self Determination we
fought for.

Could Nkwame Nkrummah, Jomo Kenyatta,
Kamuzu Banda, Joshua Nkomo have imagined
that Africa would be like this after they fought for it?
What would they be thinking when they see Africa like
this, deteriorating in our hands?

We are free but our minds are still in chains.
Where is African Unity?
We are allowing the lines of the borders to separate us.
We are fighting together African against another
African What for?

Where is generosity, kindness, charity?
The poor is poor and rich is rich.
What is this jealous and selfishness in Africa today.

Africa the land of minerals, wealth, multicultures
now is the land of poverty, civil wars, political crisis.
They call us the Dark Nation now we are proving
them right, because of this barbaric behavior.

Africa my land 'let us bring the spirit of solidarity
back to us just like Nelson Mandela when he says its
all in our hands it depends to us.
Let us hold our hands together and pray for our Nation,
may God bless Africa...Amen.

Rony Patra 26 July 2008

A very good poem......raises a lot of important questions about the direction of Africa's development......10/10.......thanks.....

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Onesimo Odwa Mabovula 02 August 2008

rich words perhaps reacher than the motherland itself

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Greenwolfe 1962 04 August 2008

This is a speech. It is a great speech. So, I gave it a 10. The struggle is for power. Unless the Africans get together and draw up a constitution and establish a court system controlled by the people and not the governments, and unless the armed men swear allegiance to that constitution and not to any man or ruler and enforce the decrees of the courts, Africa will remain as it is. I just wanted the writer of the speech to know that there is a road out of the darkness. GW62

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Ashraful Musaddeq 15 September 2008

It is a nice enjoyable poem, love it.

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Bob Blackwell 31 August 2008

You are right Africa has its fair share of greedy leaders. However the rest of the world also has lots of grasping greedy people. Our world has enough resources to feed us all if shared fairly. Kholekile you are right to be angry. Keep writing Bob

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Ivor Hogg 24 August 2008

Not just In Africa my friend but all nations suffer from human nature. Justice Equality and brotherhood are ideal dreams. I live in hope that mankind will mature in time

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Wanelisa Albert 05 August 2008

Amazing! I love your thinking.If this new generations of Africans can realize this dream...and honour the struggle of Sobukwe then we will free Africa of tribalism. see my poem Mother Continent and Tribal Happiness God bless Mntwana wakwa Xhosa Waneliisa

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James B. Earley 05 August 2008

A sad indictment on the political state of affairs rampant throughout Africa.......and......indeed.........................the world! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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