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I read a most interesting

scientific finding

that we humans are

the only creatures on the earth

who weep.

And I felt pride that just our own

introversion affords us such

expressive philanthropic glands.

Let's say — as a hypothesis —

I was a little lemon tree in bloom

and my bud hardened to a lemon

and a fiery wind

thirsty for something juicy

twisted the branch's throat

and stole the lemon

cut it in half

with the innocent pocketknife

of a child's small theft

squeezing it hard

to drip the juice

in the roasting mouth

of its gaping breath

and by mistake in squeezing

a tart torch of its drop was flung

into your distant eye

— a wish can fly

as far as you desire —

perhaps — just a hypothesis —

it would be heard

in your tear-ducts' court.

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