Kimberly Burnham Poems

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Peace In Gandhi's Example

Peace is simple
like white light split by rough glass shines a diverse rainbow
in the soft worn fabric of Gandhi's example

Einstein's Peace, A Found Poem

Learn from yesterday
peace cannot be kept by force
achieve by understanding

Martin Luther King's Daybreak Of Peace, A Found Poem

Starless midnight of racism and war
in the silence of good people
come here on different ships

Peace Be With You Semitic Roots

Shalom Alecheim
peace be upon you in Hebrew
a traditional Friday night song

Gywathzya One Who Bring Healing And Peace

"Dwasz men" in Hiamnda
or Jaba Hausa means
many things to the Nigerians
who use this word

Efik Peace Economy

Does someone have to lose
to have peace
"mem" or "emem" in Efik
spoken in Nigeria

Sudanese Peace And Harmony In Indonesia

Katentreman and Tengtrem
peace in Sudanese
spoken in West Java and Banten province
in Asia

Guatemalan Utzil Peace

"Utzil" or "uxlanem"
peace in K'iche'
a Mayan language spoken
in Guatemala

Arabic Words For Peace

Together we search for peace
engage in peace
develop peace
it is a creative process of words

Kuc Peace Gardening In Uganda

There is a saying
in Acholi spoken in Uganda
"Ka lyec ariyo tye ka
lweny lum ayee deno can"

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