In The Beginning! Poem by kipper Stagg

In The Beginning!

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On the first day God said “let there be light”
And there was light and God separated
Darkness from light and this he called “Day and night”

On the second day God created the sea and the whole
World was covered in water and God called the firmament
“Heaven” and so the evening and the morning where the second day!

On the third day God commanded the waters below to gather into one place
And dry land appeared and God brought forth grass and plants
And fruit bearing trees.

On the fourth day God separated the days and
The seasons and years and two great lights the sun and the moon
And caused the stars to twinkle at night And God was well pleased

On the fifth day God commanded the seas to teem with fish
And birds to fly across the skies and that they should be fruitful
And multiply.

On the sixth day God commanded the land bring forth living creatures
Wild beasts, livestock and reptiles!
He also made Man in his own image and told them to be fruitful and multiply.

On the seventh day God rested and looked upon his creation and was pleased.
God had created Eden and life was abundant free from worry for both man and beast
and both where fruitful and the earth was populated.

On the eighth day God looked at his creation once more and was shocked to see what It had become,
Greed and selfishness where abundant and destruction was rife
God looked away in shame, turned his back and was never seen again!

Elena Sandu 18 July 2011

Hello dear friend, a lot to feel, you always do that to me with your poems! ! Here are my thoughts for now(please don't mind me, only bubbling) , of course I can't be right so I expect to anger nobody.. You tell the story of an old book, every book has a dropp of truth and this one might have rivers.. but yet for many, not really proved.. some teaches of the bible are not bad I wouldn't say no to be taught to my child.. But me myself I got a thousand wonders and see(history proves it) how we humans always get things wrong.. What if we got it wrong again what if you've got the point? What if there was a god or more? what if he made the earth to be eden? Then if he made us in his image then I suppose we shall be gods, we shall love and trust each other and everything here in this world and other's isn't it? An angry god is not the real god, he she or they are supposed to understand love and forgive because this are the most precious things humans cannot hold to keep forever seems.. Why? maybe because we waste our love? .. on only One person, god or thing even pet to love but we almost ignore our family, neighbours, colleagues of work, the strangers and so on..What if we would try to be good like gods the ones we pray at deep inside the ones we love not the ones we fear? .. This poem made me to roll to the right roll to the left sit up straight and upside-down haunted my soul and all I can come up is only wonder? ! See? your poems are sticking to the soul maybe you are made for writing thank you!

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Unwritten Soul 10 July 2011

'Genesis' in poetry? nice moving in good story :) _Unwritten Soul

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