Enough Poem by kipper Stagg


Rating: 5.0

Was it not enough?
Did he not suffer quite as much as you’d wanted?
Was all of this folly just what you’d needed?
Had he not witnessed all ill's of men and was his despair taken
Doomed to fall from grace and die for sin of man, an outcast
In an un-caring world!
Was it his fate? Did he ask for all he had been given?
Or was it thrust upon him against his will?
He’s told “I am light and Love” so why must he suffer?
Crucified but not between two thieves,
Yet no one to wrap his body in fine linen and grieve.
No mother to kiss his feet when all is done
No one there to tell him he’s the loving son.
“The first shall come last and the last shall come first! ”
So why was he always last?
Was it your plan to see him suffer?
Did you enjoy watching him cry?
Have you compassion?
Or is that just a lie?
He had feelings, most of them pain.
Did you enjoy watching him hurt?
Or was it all just a game?

Romeo Della Valle 28 June 2011

A very impressive write, well penned and poignant! This write shows me that you have what ti takes to make it in the poetry world! God Bless you and keep it up! 10+++ Love and Peace for always! ... (I hope if time permits you would have the chance to read and enjoy my poems titled also: ENOUGH and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, thanking you in advance...)

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Elena Sandu 12 November 2010

I try to understand but I am not sure I do it well..I feel someone dying alone and in pain and your heart screams out, revolting at some kind of fate or maybe even god, you question life itself and cry of its unfairness (might have been right?) .But I think (forgive my dare) this person's life was not in vain, he left someone here to cry and dearly remember about his name, his face, even his pain..and maybe this remaining person with all the cry and hurts inside, got to became an open heart bit nicer, more understanding of others, hopefully bit kinder with himself too, to let his smile to get out and wider here and then.. great poem, filled with the raw pain comming straight from heart, got also straight to mine,10, thank you very much for share.

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