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I am a student in mathematics.I love singing, drawing besides writing poetry.

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The Prince Of Night

The Prince of Night is in love with the Morning Princess,
The Princess is stupefying with golden jewellery to her dress;
She is fair and cheerful,
The Prince is dark and mournful.

The Prince though tall and handsome,
is always doleful and glum;
The Princess is full of vivacity,
She is full of vitality.

Every night the Prince waits for her in despair,
She refuses to come in a proud air;
She appears every morning with a dazzling brilliance,
The Prince fears her extraordinary radiance.

So every morning he flees,
Behind a dark house with a stolen look he sees;
One day the Princess catches him and says'Why are you feeling low?
It's your seeds of love that now I am going to sow! '

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koyel mitra Popularity

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