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hi ppl.. i m krishna from india.. i am a law student.. poetry writting juz started in the late teens of my life n now its bcum my life.. i write them to ease my emotional pangs, to double my joy, to express myself, to share my thoghts; feelings; emotions with others and perhaps, to share my very self with others.. its my passion n not profession.. its not my hobby its my obsession.. and i m here coz its to share not to keep jus in my posesssion..

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Preeti - is here! 20 May 2006

Just Happened to bump into Krishan's Poems.. And that bump didn't hurt I am glad for that by chance bumping Caiuse her poems are rocking! Keep writing~ Preeti

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I Could Never..................

Oh! My beloved,
I always wished to gift you a flower
Which may carry the fragrance of my love
But I could never...

I always wished to sing you a song
which may carry the rhythm of my heartbeats
But I could never...

I always wished to seal your lips with a kiss
which may carry the warmth of my feelings
But I could never...

I always wished to hold your hands
which may carry my passion for you
But I could never...

I always wished to say ' I love you'
which may carry the self of myself
But I could never...

Still Oh! My beloved...
I know that you did know
everything I always wished to....

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krishna dasani Popularity

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