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Bronze Star - 2,259 Points [krishi nair] (1964 and doing pretty good.. / Thiruvalla, Kerala)

krishnakumar chandrasekar nair Poems

1. Fish Curry 9/20/2013
2. A Poets Funeral 9/25/2013
3. Cancer Ward Trivandrum 9/25/2013
4. Let Us Begin A Revolution 9/30/2013
5. My Poems Have Been So Rejected...... 10/13/2013
6. When He Finally Set Sail 10/27/2013
7. Jack And Jill - 21st Century Ballad 10/30/2013
8. Paint Your Day As You Will..... 11/2/2013
9. The Dam And The Damned 11/6/2013
10. Someday We Will All Go............ 11/10/2013
11. And I Remember That Night........ 11/14/2013
12. Death In Harness 11/14/2013
13. The Naked Truth 11/14/2013
14. An Atheists Humble Prayer 11/16/2013
15. After You Stopped Talking To Me.... 11/18/2013
16. The Cold Lamp Post 11/18/2013
17. Never Again, Please..Never Again 11/18/2013
18. Love - An Eternal Enigma 11/18/2013
19. Mahatma Gandhi 10/6/2013
20. When The Sun Sets On Me 10/7/2013
21. The Monkey Song 10/17/2013
22. Annual Assessment Report...... 11/19/2013
23. The Silence Of The Lambs 11/19/2013
24. To All Who Are Searching For Love 11/28/2013
25. Nelson Mandela - A Tribute 12/7/2013
26. The Same Eve Once Again....... 12/19/2013
27. Where Are You? ? ? 12/19/2013
28. You Can Take Him Home Now...... 12/20/2013
29. Where The Mind Is Always In Fear.............. 12/26/2013
30. Goodbye Dear Thirteen And Welcome Dear Fourteen........ 12/30/2013
31. Heaven - Here And Now! ! 1/5/2014
32. Love Frozen In Time.... 1/3/2014
33. Happy Birthday? ? 1/23/2014
34. Big Bash Weddings 2/1/2014
35. Lord Yama And The Tippler.......... 2/17/2014
36. Election Time 3/13/2014
37. God Of Us All......... 5/5/2014
38. Martyrdom 5/5/2014
39. Sri Ramana Maharshi 5/15/2014
40. Humpty Dumpty's Fall And The Medical Bill.... 5/17/2014
Best Poem of krishnakumar chandrasekar nair

Those Dusty Book Shelves Of Childhood...

Oh, give me those dusty bookshelves of the past
Where books held raptures that would last
A dry crushed flower or perhaps a frayed leaf
A worm eaten love story with an ending so neat
And all those fancy tales of faeries so good
Who lost their wands and cried in the woods
And of goblins who stole tulips and roses
All from the valley of love and happiness
And when the moon rose at the midnight hour
I would turn in my sleep and suddenly smile
Lost in a place of spells and charming power
And my cat settles softly between my legs and curl.....

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Mahatma Gandhi

Will there ever be in history books such a glorious one
Who almost singularly brought an empire down?
Making Ahimsa and Satyagraha his lethal weapons
He fought till the oppressors left with their dented crown

An epitome of simplicity all his life
And God almighty his friend and guide
He sought to include and never to divide
This disunited mass of Indians spread out wide

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