Kristin Nicole RothDavis Poems

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*~*~*~*~*poemhunter's Kings And Queens*~*~*~*~*

I sit here with true amazement
As I witness the profound arts
Of Poem Hunter's Kings and Queens
Majestic hearts spreading Love and Wisdom

((((Letting Go))))

You say you're missin' the Old days
Got me over here reminencin'
Mind all in a Haze
Then reality hits and I am reminded


People all around
Music's a' playin'
No one's out dancin'
One look at you and I wanna tear up the ground!

Here today and gone tomorrow
I pass through life
Touched by souls both good and bad
I pass through life

... To Few Have Known...

Send me the tears that you weep,
Let me hold them here in safe keep...
Let me cradle the fears
you've held all these years...

((((((~*~i Wana...~*~))))))

I wana gaze beyond the normal depths of your eyes,
To warp into a powerful trance; Mesmerize!

I wana be forever wrapped with your love

! @! @! @~~us~~@! @! @!

I'm a' frettin' on what's goin' on
Mad as hell at the whole world,
Seems like every thing's goin' all wrong,
He walks in the door, takes one glance

~~~~~~~~mmmmmm Ya! ~~~~~~

Promises made and secrets told
late nights spent in total Ecstasy
we made Love all night
asleep in your Tight hold

@! @! @i'Ll Take Care Of You@! @! @

I can't find a reason to let go
Even though you seem to know
Sometimes I wake up cryin' @ night
Screamin' your name

(((Two Souls Uniting)))

Two Souls Uniting
I can feel you all throughout me
so deep inside me
underneath, I can feel you move through me

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